Tuesday, January 14

Never Ending Blues?

My days was as happening as it gets.

Firstly Zyan was admitted to the Children's Ward for 3 'horrible' nights.

3 nights of Screaming World Festival - funny is it?

Secondly, I was getting anxiety fits thinking of work that is piling up.

Third is the Turd.
Zyan, suspected of having intestinal infection.
Down with fever, paracetamols, brufens, blood tests and fleet for his bowels ( I think its called FLEET PHOSPHO SODA), inserted from the 'down-under'.
My heart broke into pieces looking at him cry and 'violated' like that.

My poor baby.

This is not a happy occasion for us.

x  x

I was breaking down, My emotions went haywire.

So I decide to run AH_WAY.
Do I look tired?
Well DUH! I am tired!

Goodbye to the Mysterious Gundoo-Boy. 
Doodle Credit to : Mom #2.

I am no longer your savior.
But remember, I was never.
People don't pay me peanuts to be your saviour.
I am worth more than that.

I need the saving more than you do.
If I don't save myself, not even my MOM can do it for me, cos I wont allow that.

Im happy that my Boy is happy and smiling again. So am I.
Let's plan for the next Trip boys and to happier days!

Lovable & Horrible from the One and only,

Mom #1

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